I came to Richard as I am new to visiting a gym and didnt really know how to exercise or where to start. I met Richard for the first time at 6am and was impressed that he seemed a lot more awake than me. We sat down and went through my aims and what I wanted to achieve. Rich also gave me details about my body type, and took measurements etc. We also went through my poor diet and lifestyle. I then arranged to undertake a number of weekly sessions to help me understand how to exercise and what to do. In the sessions Rich showed me the exercises and pushed me to ensure I got the maximum benefit out of each session and I can confirm that the next day I felt it. I particularly liked the fact that Richard took the time to explain how my body and muscles worked and explain how the exercises I was doing would help. What I found impressive about the service I received is that Rich made himself available to help in any way possible at all times. He gave me his phone number, email address and social media details and said to contact at any time if I wanted any help or had any questions. In addition to this I had regular texts asking how things were going and checking if I was keeping up with my training. I have been following the training programme I was given for a few weeks now and have to say I have made good progress. I feel much better about myself and have more energy and a feeling of general wellbeing. In conclusion I have been very impressed with the service I have received and would highly recommend Richard to anybody who wants to see results. He is a nice guy and gives a good service.