For those people who only ready the top line...I wanted results and got them with Rich at TwinPeaks. I have been working with Richard from TwinPeaks for little over 2 months now, initially I just wanted to see what I could do in 2 months with Richard on my case and getting me doing the right things. Straight out of the blocks Rich got my diet sorted out and gave me some great advice about how and when to exercise to achieve my goals. About 1 month in to the programme I quickly realised my goals were far too easy using Richard's plan and working as hard as possible during our sessions. I was getting the results I wanted and I was getting them quickly. I had to revise my goals to be far more ambitious and I am well on the way. If you follow Richard's guidance and stick to it, when you put the work in you simply can't fail to get where you want to be. And with Rich along side you'll have fun doing it. Needless to say I'm on board indefinitely and enjoying a level of fitness I've not seen for years