About 6 months ago, I decided to try personal training as I wanted to get into better shape for an upcoming beach holiday. Initially unsure what to expect, I got in contact with Rich to have a chat about training with him. Rich was delightfully friendly and very easy to talk to. He was very professional and patient in understanding my current lifestyle and fitness needs. Straightaway, I was impressed by his enthusiasm and extensive knowledge on nutrition and fitness. With a little over a month before my holiday, Rich worked closely with me to create a personalised diet and workout plan that I was excited by and felt was achievable - I couldn’t wait to get started! I started seeing results by week two and was very pleased with how much better I felt about my body. When my holiday came round, I looked great and I felt extremely confident in my clothes and swimwear. I’ve carried on training with Rich since my holiday. His creativity and motivation keep the sessions exciting and I am exceptionally impressed by the flexibility in his approach to meet my changing needs and lifestyle. I am thrilled by the progress I’m making with Rich. He continually gives me lots of aftercare advice and is always available to answer questions and help out when I get stuck! Rich is an outstanding personal trainer - he makes the most of every session to ensure that his clients get excellent value everytime! It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Rich as a personal trainer.