Stay motivated in 2020

Self-motivation always plays a pivotal role in our personal growth, regardless of the situation. The holiday season has just ended & in the recent months before the holidays, you may have made a few mistakes that are having a noticeable effect on your health & fitness levels. You had made some changes so far, but its getting hard to sustain your new lifestyle

If this sounds at all familiar, keep reading

Here are some ways to restore your motivation, so you can continue aiming for your fitness goals:

RePrioritise Goals- Jan 1st goals may no longer be relevant. If that’s the case, there could be new top priorities to add & other less important goals to remove from your list of fitness goals. It’s hard to stay motivated if you have been overly ambitious with your health-related New Year’s resolutions. Very rigid diet goals will require major changes in your eating habit & huge amounts of willpower which can make these goals difficult to reach

Change Routines Gradually- people often think that they should make immediate changes to their unhealthy lifestyle. However, this could cause serious disruptions in their daily lives & make it harder to adopt new, healthy habits. Gradual changes in fitness activities can keep you motivated & add some stability to overall progress

Visualise Your Future Self- it’s hard to stay motivated if you don’t have an idea of how you want to look in the future. Visualisation takes you one step further in planning to achieve your fitness goals. Depending on your current situation, your fitness goals could be short-, medium- or long-term goals

Break Down Your Goals- for some people, even modest fitness goals can be difficult to achieve due to their physical condition & poor lifestyle. Long-term goals should be broken down into small & workable short-term goals. You will be more motivated to tackle one small goal at a time.

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