Working Out/Exercising From Home During The Coronavirus Self-Isolation

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, millions of people are isolating themselves at home. Right now, it is more sensible for us to stay at home and not make any non-essential trips out. For people who are physically active and often exercise outdoors or at the gym, this can present a challenge. Exercising at home might be easier for people who have a home with a spacious garden area, but, for those who live in apartments or homes without a lot of space, exercising indoors can be a bit tricky.

We are going to take a look at some ways that you can avoid the coronavirus risk, work out at home and get the exercise you need to stay in shape. Let’s get started:

Working Out/Exercising From Home During The Coronavirus Self-Isolation

Walk- even if you have a small apartment, it is possible to do a 15-minute brisk walk and that’s equal to walking for one kilometer. Set up a path inside your home or apartment and clear any obstructions. You may walk back and forth from the front door to the kitchen. With this simple exercise, you can burn about 75 calories.

Weight Training- weight training doesn’t require much space. All you need are a few dumbbells with varying weights. Follow weight training instructions from a professional fitness trainer to maximise your results.

Dancing- take this opportunity to try different types of dancing. Choose fast-moving dances, like flamenco, tango and Zumba. There are many instructional videos on YouTube and you can dance in front of the TV. You will be drenched in sweat with just ten minutes of fast dancing.

Yoga- despite being a slow-moving activity, yoga contributes a lot to the core strength and flexibility of your body. Some yoga postures are quite challenging, contributing to better balance and stronger muscles.

Play Video Games- some video games keep you active. Dance Dance Revolution, Kinect and Wii U are great alternative to have fun while exercising. If you play Grand Theft Auto V, do it while standing up and do ten push-ups every time you are wasted (die) in the game.

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